Legacy Prep Christian Academy Athletics

Thank you for your support! Our Bingo Night was wildly successful!

You can see below how successful our silent auction was! The teams listed will directly benefit from their silent auction proceeds, also listed! We can't wait to share how these funds will positively impact our athletic programs!

MS Baseball - $1,025

HS Baseball - $575

MS/HS Boys Basketball - $1,195

MS Girls Basketball - $250

HS Girls Basketball - $550

MS Cheer - $350

HS Cheer - $350 (+ additional $325 from carline auction)

MS/HS Cross Country - $225

HS Drill Team - $150

MS/HS Football - $300

MS/HS Golf - $800

MS Softball - $250

HS Swim - $505

MS/HS Track & Field - $800 (+ additional $350 from carline auction)

MS/HS Volleyball - $600 (+ additional $350 from carline auction)

2022-2023 Legacy Athletic Booster Club Board

President - Leigh Moorman

Vice President - Caleb Moyer

Secretary - Scott Brieger

Treasurer - Jeremy Gilliam

Admin Liaison - Thomas Loria

Family Membership - Anthony Bailey

Corporate Sponsorship - Rachel Alarid

Special Events - April Crane

Family Memberships

The 2022-2023 school year has arrived and we are excited for a new season of Lions Athletics! We invite you to help us support our student-athletes by joining your Legacy Athletic Booster Club! Legacy is blessed with a growing and incredibly successful athletic department. Did you know that even with our growing student population, 85% of our students participate in Legacy Athletics!! As we host our 10th graduating class in 2023, we offer 35 sports teams that steadily accumulate awards and playoff successes, including multiple state titles! Legacy athletes depend on generous parents, corporate sponsors and volunteers to make it all come together and allow for the valuable experience of setting goals, working hard and competing at a high level. This is where the Legacy Athletic Booster Club and you come in! We help bridge the gap between the athletic fees and the actual expenses of our athletic programs.

Corporate Sponsorships

Our coaches use the platform of sports to teach technical skills, teamwork, discipline, loyalty, dependability, hard work and integrity. They provide an atmosphere where the students are given the opportunity for fun and fellowship while staying active. Most importantly, our coaches put Jesus Christ at the forefront of everything they do with your student-athletes. Legacy athletics plays a key role in helping to provide a rewarding future in our children’s lives. The LPCA Athletic Booster Club is dedicated to sharing who we are with our local communities. We work hard each year to attract a variety of corporate sponsors to assist in that goal. Partnering with local companies allows them the opportunity to advertise directly to our school community and our visitors, as well as helping cover expenses for our growing athletic programs. Along with community sponsors, we are blessed to have several Legacy families who have family-owned businesses that are also our corporate sponsors.